11 - 17 may 2014

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map of Austria with location

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 Frank Cox  and  Martin van Helden made some preparations for the contest
SATURDAY - registration

registration, payment and waypoints

Track & Trace devices are

A good day to fly, sometimes the clouds are growing fast and dissapearing an hour later.


Briefing at 09:00:  expected rain at 15:00 hrs, so no task today.

....the Class-1 does a hangcheck ....  .... and the Sportclass tries the restaurant.

Briefing at 09:00 am.
It will be a taskable day, so Up we go !!
day task overal score

may  12

Today a short task for the beginning
Screendump of the task
Sportclass      Class I



Start at 1800 mrt (photo Ron)
(photo Araldo)
Landing at the camping
watching the score celebrating the day
 Sanders Blog (in Dutch)
The sun tries to penetrate the clouds first briefing at 9:00 Am
No task today,
and coming days the Föhn is expected, so there will be strong winds.
We keep hoping ....
Family Tänzer drives up to the start.
Arne calls Gijs to tell that the conditions
are indeed "not good for flying" 
(photos Lo Tänzer)
The pilots from Danmark are leaving:  in Danmark the conditions are "perfect"


Briefing at 9:00:
Much too strong winds today and tomorrow.
We hope to have tasks on friday and saturday.
Time for other things.

No flying,
OK, time to "relax" !
Dutch champions go-kart 2014  >>>> 
The results of this terrible combat are
posted at the campsite between the
scores of the Hangglidingcompetition.
(see picture below)

 Other pilots replaces their cables
 and looking for a good sprog-position.


The weather-seekers say: NO FLYING TODAY 
so again: seeking for some other thrills
Look at a seperate page to see this hero's facing death in their bobs.


Again no flying today, some go for midget-golf (no pictures)
Eating together Ron got a ticket: drove to fast !!
The meal (meat or fish)

and the mascotte.


The wind is weak, the sun is trying to penetrate the clouds, so we will try to get a task today
Briefing Transportlist
day task overal score today

may  17

Today the last chance, so an average task
Screendump of the task
Sportclass         Class I


 Final score this competition

           Sportclass          Class I


  The Russian pilots are relaxing at the landing area

  Sanders Blog in Dutch
  Because there were two tasks this week
  we have a valid competition ;-).
  So.. after a while there is .....


Champion SportClass: Erik Honings
Winners Dutch Open: 2: Gijs Wanders  1: Nils Vesk,  3: Konstantin  Lukyanov
Dutch champions Mountain: 2: Paul Engelen, 1: Gijs Wanders,  3: Arne Tänzer

It was a mixed-competition (Class 1 + Rigids). The rigids got a penalty of 25% 
The official points, sent to the FAI, must be Class1 and Rigids seperated.
Therefore that points are different, see below.
Class I    and   Rigids 

A week after our contest Gijs flew a great 145 triangle in Greifenburg

Scoring  André van den Akker  Pictures (if not specified otherwise) André